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In 2011 my Dutch book Logische Ruimte (what can be translated as Logical Space) was published. In this book I studied the interaction between an urban plan and the subsequent use by the people who make use of that area. I postulate that the design of a public space influences the way people act inside that public domain. So, when an urban designer makes choices about the urban plan, he must think over the consequence how people react on that choice in the final build area. Not only must he thing over the consequences, I think he must make that choice that matches the best with the user’s expectations. When the design corresponds with these expectations, a friendly to use public domain will appear. It will become a Logische Ruimte.

Urban squares

One of the subjects in my book is the design of squares. I definedĀ four kinds of squares. With this site I want to focus at the design of an urban square. The use of urban squares fascinates me. And, why do we prefer the use of a historical one above an newly made. Where did we lost the art of making such a square? I hope I’ll get insight in how we nowadays can make an urban square that we like to use.

What’s on this site?

I gathered theories about (the design of) squares and I analysed some squares I went to. From this and my little notes I explain in five steps how te design an urban square. I hope you enjoy this blog and welcome any feedback, questions or comments.

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